Being Together is Powerful!

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We are born to stay together and whenever we are alone and far away from our loved ones, we feel lonely and stressed. Together we can bring strength not only to ourselves but also to others around us. Nations have moved together towards freedom when they were united in a single goal. We have seen this kind of mass following recently and during our time of independence. Togetherness is the key to bring about a change to the whole world. People are using this power to bring about a change in their lives as well as others across the world.

My life is filled with several examples which I have seen where togetherness brought about drastic effect on the outcome. The first one that comes to my mind is of my roomies who used to take control of studies by preparing different subjects and then explaining it to the other. This process made them the college toppers as they could now study more on the part they didn’t understood. They had so much harmony and synchronous in their relationship that they could achieve anything and everything by being together. Whenever I remember them, it always gives me optimism and power to carry on myself and to hope that we can also do something big by being together always.

Second example is of the time when I was preparing for my MBA exams and due to lack of time, we made a group of four people and started studying together to score good marks. It worked and we continued to do it till the end of the final exams. This helped us make good friends and it made studies full of fun and laughter. I still remember making tea in the night at 2 am and then sleeping around 5am in the morning to go for exam at 9am-12am and 1pm-4pm. I found my life partner during those times only and we remain together since then.

The third example happened during the time when I got married and was working in Pune and then got transferred to Mumbai. Meanwhile, my husband was working in Delhi and it was so difficult to stay alone after the marriage for more than six months. I could not get a job in Delhi and came for 3 months to try my luck in the job market. We tried all things but could not secure any job and I had to return back to Mumbai only to find that I got retrenched without any information. It was so painful and I needed to be with my husband for his support and by being together we can do something meaningful with our lives. I came back from Mumbai while we became parents soon after and setup our rented accommodation from scratch. It was a nice journey but when I look back now, it was only because I was supported by my family and friends that I could take this fallback in my career. I got the job again with my husband’s motivation and symphony we could play by being together.

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Starting a New Life After Marriage

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Girls always have to accept change as they are forced to leave their homes to stay with their husbands and in-laws after marriage. They are imbibed with this remark from time to time by her own parents as they are “Paraya Dhan” and have to leave the house she grew in after marriage. Finally the day arrived after many years of staying in the house of my parents to go to my husband’s home in another city far far away from my city. It’s a huge change as you remember every detail of your house and the new house is unknown to you as well the people interacting with that house. Meanwhile, with the love and respect of your new family members you make that house your own.

My husband was living with his friends and was waiting for me to come and choose the house in the city he was working. We stayed with his friends for a while before moving to the new house we took on rent. We didn’t had any furniture other than the one provided by the landlord. It was a fresh start and we fixed our budget to get everything we needed in the apartment to make it a house. We bought the beds and mattresses, then refrigerator and washing machine and many such items. It was good to start from scratch as you know what stuff you have kept where. We constantly gathered each others respect and care with every passing minute. It was all about working harmoniously as a apartment can only become home if you have love, care, trust and respect in the air.

We enjoyed every bit in the first house we took on rent and stayed there for more than 18 months. It was great start to our married life as I used to wait for his return to have tea together in the evening. He used to come for lunch in the afternoon and we used to have full fledged lunch on the dining table provided by our landlord. We had our lovely little angel in that house and it was such an amazing feeling to become parents. We did fight a lot over several small and big stuff but overall it was the journey every girl has to take in her life.

A beautiful home is one in which we have space for everyone. A house where parents and guests are always invited and valued. All the moments are cherished and there is blessing of elders available all the time. A place where you can feel safe even when you are alone in the night or day. A place where you feel living in hope, fun and laughter is a house to be in. I always will cherish the first house we stayed as I changed from being a girl to a mother and a wife and that’s the biggest change that can happen in my life.

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My Story of Optimism – My Mother

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Optimism for me is the positivity that you can bring in your life via your thoughts. This habit has been imbibed inside me from my childhood by my mom. I always tried to learn whatever possible from my mom from time to time. She is so positive in her life all the time as we faced several family problems from time to time. We always think that we are positive all the time even when we are pretending from outside but there is always something negative thoughts going inside all of us. It’s all about faith that you have on yourself as well as on the almighty Lord.

I always wanted to do CA but there was always lack of financial resources as my father was in and out of jobs from time to time. He was very honest and when he didn’t liked what he is doing or if he can’t do his job with self-esteem, he will resign from the place. Some of the earlier decisions in his life went totally against him irrespective of my mother’s advice also to not go for them but then also my mother supported him through thick and thin. The pharmaceutical company he was working for several years got closed and they never gave PF also which was a huge amount which could have supported family for many years. My mother during all those times kept him let go and have faith on the almighty that everything will turn out to be good.

We used to do tuitions for small kids and earned some living to support our fees at college. My elder brother also started working and supported the family but still it was not sufficient to go for big careers in my life. But then also my mother always used to say don’t worry – you are destined for big things in life. This saying of hers, I never believed considering the situation our family was in but then slowly it started getting inside me and I starting believing in the same. There was something about our family that people & friends always used to come and be with us. This kept the atmosphere in our family always full of fun and laughter. We did enjoy our lives a lot and people used to take guidance from my mom all the time. Somehow after completing my ICWA and MBA, I started to connect all the dots in my life and whatever best happened with me was all due to my faith on my parents, my family, my talent, my capabilities and hard work I put in into everything in life.

Optimism is so difficult to come early in your life and I was so lucky to learn it the hard way. Check out as to how the new house does make a difference in our life and what it can do to bring optimism in our lives as we spend most of the time in there.


Indiblogger & Quikr NXT – Chatting your way to business

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Mobile communication has taken the world by storm and no business or individual is separated from this innovation. Everyday a new messaging app is launched in the market to create something better than the previous famous one.

Quikr, one of the biggest online communities to sell and buy quicker has introduced its Quikr NXT to keep buyers and sellers in touch instantly with each other through their messaging app as well as on mobile and desktop sites. The top three features of Quikr NXT that really make a difference to every individual and business are –

Chat Option – As compared to the earlier calling option where you need to negotiate the prices over phone and then failing to document anything said verbally created a lot of confusion over the prices. Also, when we call we don’t have much time to negotiate as everyone is busy these days and considering the amount of parties interested in buying it will be hectic for the sellers to receive all the calls.

With Chatting option, it takes away the pain from the seller’s point of view as he can just forward the same message to anyone interested. For buyers also he can ask further details of the product and photographs of the product too. He gets much more time to negotiate and think about the product. Also the chat history is maintained which forms a formal document to keep track of the negotiations.

Sending photographs of the actual product forms the second feature that really suits all of us. Based on some survey and real life experience, people tend to buy more if they see the product. They want to know if it’s in same condition as mentioned on the website or is there any difference? Due to wrong photographs posted or shared, it always wastes a lot of time for each party leading to distress for everyone involved. With actual sharing of the product photographs in real time, you can ask for particular thing you want to see of the product being sold.

The biggest reason to switch to Quikr NXT option from call is to keep your number privacy. At the time of posting an advertisement on Quikr, it asks you if you want to keep your number private. If you select yes, then you can chat with the buyers and keep your number safe also. Number privacy is the best option any online community can provide as it will help you interact only with the serious buyers. It saves you from a lot of problems which can happen if the seller or buyer is a female. You never know the other person in reality and what might be his/her intentions? It’s better to keep safe in this ever changing world as a woman.brandcover

Quikr NXT can be downloaded as a mobile app for both Android and iOS phones. Quikr NXT is also available on mobile & desktop sites. Check more about the new platform at – The banner used is from the Indiblogger & Quikr NXT Happy Hours Contest page


Indiblogger & Garnier Pure Active Neem – Keep Looking Great

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Girl’s life is full of problems and pimples are one of the biggest problems that they face all the time. It not only impacts their self-confidence but also their beauty. A lot of advices come from your family and friends. I too tried a lot of Indian styled things to keep pimples away like using Multani Mitti, besan, neem leaves, lemon juice and drinking a lot of water. It was so difficult to keep our face clear and free from pimples all the time.

My skin is normal and if I use any product with any kind of harsh chemicals, it really impacts me a lot and makes it dry. I always try to keep it soft and supple. Due to a lot of travel in the train to go and attend the coaching classes for ICWA, I came across a lot of pollution and dust. Whenever there is a dust & pollution, there will be some change that you will feel in your body. It might be a problem with the lungs or skin.

I tried using several marketed products from all the advertisements on TV starting from Clearsil to Pears etc. Not all the products were great to use and left my face with a lot of marks. I used a lot of soaps that had Ph7 balance. I used lemon juice and honey mixture. I tried to use a lot of face masks. I tried to exfoliate the face using home made scrubs made of sugar, honey & lemon juice. But nothing was a permanent solution and I keep changing to new one after the failed one.

I also changed my diet to include a lot of fruits and vegetables. I drank turmeric water which is antiseptic and kept my body free of toxins. Oh God! I think I have spent much more time reading a lot of stuff online and in books to keep my pimples away. I had always struggled all my life to keep myself look beautiful and to have a clean and pure skin all the time.

I followed the daily routine to cleanse tone and moisturize. My best habit I formed is washing my face daily every morning and every night so that my skin can regenerate at night without makeup. Break bad habits by keeping your hands off the face as bacteria on your fingers can make your pimples or acne worse.

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A healthy mind and diet can always keeps you skin naturally glowing!


Indiblogger & Dabur Chyawanprash – A healthy child makes a happy home

A healthy child makes a happy home as they are the soul of the house. They not only keep us busy all the time but bring joys and happiness in our lives always. My naughty daughter is my little adventure of life which always keeps me stress free and full of joy. Those days when she is suffering or down due to viral are the worst memories for me as a mother. I keep blaming myself for not taking enough care and put her in this situation. This is during those times I realize that she is the one whose happiness and well being matters to me the most. brandcover

Children are definitely the change makers in our lives. We can control ourselves but it’s so difficult to control them. They always keep themselves busy and want to play all the time. They play till the time all their energy is consumed in games and then they get cranky if they don’t get proper food, love and care. It’s during those times their immune system is weak too.

During these winters in Gurgaon, the temperature is hovering below 10 degree Celsius all the time and she has to go to school also. I was so worried that she might catch cough and cold. Sometimes she takes off her jacket in school which I can’t control and during travel back home in school van. The rains can also cause a lot of harm in winters to the small kids. I too suffered a lot in my childhood and then my grandparents used to make KAADA to keep me warm. That art of cooking stuff is long gone with them as we don’t get so much time after a full day of work at office.

I was looking for something nutritious other than health drinks and milk which could increase her immunity. I do give her proper fruits as per season and proper diet at least three times a day. I was still worried considering the organic food and non-organic products debate that happens all the time between parents.

I went to the mall and searched all the shelves for something that could bring immunity to my child during these chilling winters. I didn’t want to indulge her into multi-vitamin tablets at such a young age. Suddenly, Dabur Chyawanprash catch my attention with it’s 3 times immunity packaging and I picked up to check if the claims are true and what’s the logic behind making such statements?

I quickly glanced through the contents of the product and was totally convinced that it will keep my daughter free of illness in these winters. It has Brahmi, Pipalli, Amla and Yastimadhu amongst various other Ayurvedic stuff. I thought for a while whether she will like the taste of the same or not and finally decided to give it a go.

I started giving her a spoonful of Chyawanprash along with the glass of milk in mornings and evenings. She really loved the same and finally I was happy to think that something strong is keeping her immune to all the illness even in my absence. I hope that she continues to strive along with her balanced diet through these winters without any distress and illness.

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Indiblogger Contest -Falling in love with Melbourne, Australia

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It’s been a long while that I have not been able to blog but this Indiblogger contest about Melbourne really made me write my entry for a country where I always wanted to travel to and live forever.

melbourne-1 melbourne-4 melbourne-5melbourne-2 melbourne-3

Melbourne is the World’s most livable city and has been in the top 3 cities to live in as per EIU Index. It has everything that’s cosmopolitan, chic and elegant city can offer. It has great night life, beach sides, Central business districts, financial hub, cafe’s, cultural heritage, architecture and whatever a human being needs to live and enjoy his life forever.

My reason for falling in love with this city is due to my brother-in-law and his wife living there and praising all the time about the city. I have been to London and Johannesburg, Cape Town but Melbourne offers much more it seems. London has all the facilities and it’s so safe to roam around in tubes and central London on foot also even 3am in the night. But Johannesburg is just the opposite, you can’t think of any public transport and need a car all the time. It will be so great to finally live with them again and travel to see the various cities & places in and around Melbourne with family. You can also apply to get Permanent Residency if you have score above certain points and works in niche skills in India. You will then get most of the benefits that a citizen gets. It’s so great out there as you are no more worried about water, electricity and sweat as you are in Gurgaon, India and then you can focus on other adventure sports or other recreational activities as well as hobbies you always wanted to pursue.

Melbourne has all the famous events that happens all the time and also a cricket ground which I think must be the world’s largest in terms of it’s sitting capacity. Next year my husband will be jealous of his brother because of the Cricket world cup matches happening there.

A contest for everyone reading my entry –

Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why? Put your answer in comments and win R500/- gift voucher. Last date to post comments is 3 Jan 2015.

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Indiblogger Go Further to Get Closer with British Airways

How far would you go to get closer to someone you love? It all depends on how much that person has value in your life? Do you love spending time with him/her? Does he makes you feel awesomely great when you have him/her around? Do you feel attracted towards him/her? Do you see him/her as your mentor, friend and partner for life? It’s all that frame of mind and heart where we feel the togetherness with the person whom we love the most.

We have been raised to love and respect everyone and finally a day in our lives comes, when we leave our home to venture into a new house to make it our own. The rest of our lives depend on how is our life partner? His attitude and behaviour guides our lives thereafter. I have fallen in love with a guy and married the same person to make him into my husband. It’s been a dream come true and I really love him a lot. We got separated as I was working in another city far from where he was working. I had to leave after 10 days of our marriage and we were separated for six months. It was the time during which I tried to convince him to come to my place and start a new life there. He was adamant to stay in there and I had to let go my job to look for his love and care. I did go further to get close to him as I got this job after a lot of hard work and after a lot of years. It all vanished right in front of my eyes but with hopes in heart towards a wonderful new journey of marriage and life, I took this hard decision.

It was a great start of our family as we went on searching for the rented house to buying all the stuff to complete the house. It was some great moments of togetherness as we roamed around the city and enjoyed all the best the city has to offer. We felt free to be together and enjoyed our lives till the time money brought a kind of breaks in our lives. We reduced our expenses but continue to live the life of happiness. The love that was missing due to long distances was in it’s full bloom and I really never felt sad that I was not working.

Sometimes in life, you need to take hard decisions to be close to your #MrAndMrs and you can’t have the best of both the worlds. But these sacrifices really make an impression and you will really touch the person’s hearts sooner or later.

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WINNING – My Story, My way – India Today Conclave 2014

From our childhood to adulthood, we had always heard on various occasions from parents, family, relatives, teachers, friends that you should always have a strong will to win. Finishing at first position is what you should always desire. You should always be a winner. Winning is very important in life. Winners will always have a bright future. They will always be successful in every sphere of their life. They are praised by everyone. Therefore we all want to be a winner always, to be always ahead of everyone, everywhere and every time.

But what does winning actually mean? What is winning in its true sense? Who is a real winner? Is it to be always winning first place? Or is it to never be defeated by anyone? From broader point of view, we can say that Winning is all about fulfilling your dream and desires in your life. Each one of us has different aspirations and goals in our life and by fulfilling those aspirations and achieving those goals, we are winners in our own selves. May be its having peace of mind for some people, for others it might be to achieve their career goals and for few others it might be possession of material things.

As I sat to write what’s winning for me, I realized it is something much more that the literal meaning of the word. I was pondering over my thoughts and penned it down below what I feel is winning in its true sense means to me.

Winning for me is the feeling of happiness I have, whenever I look back into the journey of mine in my life towards my goals and the feeling of not regretting, that I have not put my best efforts in achieving those goals. May be I was not always successful and had faced failures sometimes.  But I am satisfied that I had the courage to stand up again overcoming my weaknesses and shortcomings and had the persistence to pursue my goal. For some instance I could not finish first, but losing one battle does not mean that I am loser. At the end of day I am content that I have put my best efforts.  Winning is all about attitude to win. It’s about keep on trying until you have achieved what you have desired for. It’s like trying your best and continuing improving yourself as you move forward to achieve your goal.

As rightly quoted by Jason Mraz, winning in its true sense is to be committed to win and keep on trying your best.

“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying. To the best you can do every day.” – Jason Mraz

Winning in its whole perspective is a philosophy which we must follow in our life. It’s an attitude which we must possess in order to be winner in our life. It’s not winning about one event or coming at first place. Winning is continuous. Winners are those who constantly thrive to achieve the end result and not hindered by temporary hurdles or obstacles. Winners have a bigger picture of their goal in their mind. It’s not setting one goal and achieving it. It’s always about to setting a new goal every time you have achieved one. Commitment to win is more important than actual winning.

Winning is about delivering your best without worrying about end results. If we deliver our best and put our sincere efforts practicing the goal, then nobody make us stop from winning. For instance, if some actor performs in a movie for the sake of winning an award, he might not focus on his present. But if he put his best in his performance and acts as never before, he will have a deep satisfaction and peace of mind. He will be also content and will be happy with his performance. May be he end up not winning at an award, but winning is above that. He will be definitely applauded and admired for his role. You can take the example of Academy Award winner Lincoln movie star – Daniel Day-Lewis who is called a method actor just like our very own Aamir Khan who actually lives the role they act in the movie so that it looks real. Their hard work really does pays in the end and that stand them apart and they are actually a winner in their life.

Winning is a journey, not a destination. It is all about enjoying your journey towards your goal and giving whatever it means to achieve that goal.  For being a winner, it’s not a competition with anyone other; it’s a competition with yourself, constantly improving yourself, overcoming your weakness & shortcomings and giving your best in every facet of life.

Winning is trying constantly to achieve your goals in life. Now the question arises at what cost? What is the price we are paying to achieve the goal? Is the goal worth pursuing for? Is the sacrifice we make is worth to achieve that goal? Now this is a question of personal choices and values.  For me, to achieve your goal following your values and principles is winning in its true sense. Winning is all about to boost your self-respect and self-esteem. There is no point in winning if it means losing your self- respect and self-esteem.  If you lost your self to be a winner, may be you will be winner in other’s eyes. But will you consider yourself a winner?  The answer is with you. Winning is not about victorious always, it might also be sometimes accepting defeat for a good cause.

Winning is about taking others along with you in your quest. Now what if I had achieved excellence in every sphere of life and am a winner throughout my life, but there is nobody with whom I can share my happiness and joy.  Is it winning in real sense? Is this not a hollow victory? For me reaching your goal with no one to share the joy is void and meaningless. Winning makes sense for me only when my loved ones are with me when I reached my final destination. Without them it will be meaningless and hopeless. To be happy in others successes also as you are in yours. What if we are basking in our glory of success and there are your loved ones who are suffering? Will you be happy? Winning is to give happiness and joy to those who are devoid of it. It might mean that you lend a helping hand to someone who is need for your help & support.

Winning it trying to be better human being each day, trying to be happier and makes other happy too, trying to be make world a better place each day. Till then keep winning and hoping to see the winners myself in live and person…

More information about the India Today 2014 Conclave is available at

Indiblogger & British Council Contest – Knowledge is great with right attitude

Knowledge is great only if you learn & apply it with the right attitude and aptitude. Without any one of these it will be waste efforts on your part and a lot of money loss on your parent’s part. A learning destination and course choice will bring you face to face in a dilemma of decision making within the financial resources you have. I always loved UK because of it’s close resemblance to India as they once ruled it and now it was my time to see what’s the best they got in their country. USA was not a choice as Obama and his policies was making it difficult for Indians to enter the country for job or study purposes.

I started googling and came across this website – and found the information on the same to be useful for all the applicants and researchers alike. I narrowed down to University of Glasgow for offering the right course. The university got minimum educational restrictions that I could overcome and offers the right value for money spent. Also the city of Glasgow is right at the centre of UK and you can easily see the whole country. The environment is full of fresh air and city is urbane too. MBA from University of Glasgow offers a decent placement and work opportunities. The course schedule is hectic and challenging so I won’t be able to take up extra work so need to finance living expenses from my parents only. I had some work experience related to Cost Accountancy so wanted to pursue MBA because to gain insights into the business from case study perspective. Applying my undergraduate knowledge and gaining the knowledge thorough my peers is my main motto. I will definitely bring my country’s business and policies experience on the table for all the fellow students.

I have taken up all the precautions and steps to come to the right decision because my future is dependent on this international education. Rest all depends on me whether I make it or break it.