Sunsilk Indiblogger Contest – Recharge your hairs and Recharge your life

Girls keep long hairs in India and a part of their life goes into managing them. Their life is ruled by how and when they should take care of their hairs. The generations keeps on passing all the learning which all the mothers applies on their daughters and this keeps on happening and the chain continues. I too have been a part of this chain and passing all the skill acquired to my daughter.

We keep a lot of different hairstyles as we grow them and a lot of time goes into managing them too. Market is flooded with a lot of shampoos and TV channels with the various advertisements showcasing movie stars and celebrities showing their silky hairs.

I have tried all the brands of shampoo’s and fell in love with many of them for some time but a long association could not be formed with any one brand. I am in love with my hairs more than anything and really demand a good product which really takes care of my hairs and recharges my life too by making me look more beautiful.

Recharging hairs is one of the biggest victory a girl does in her lifetime and that too needs to be done every week or so. Looking beautiful motivates her to go for it and spend all the time on it, sacrificing other activities for the same.

I too keep a tab on my hairs and take care of them no matter how much money I need to spend on the same. I have used the best and the costliest shampoos from around the world on my hairs. Buying them really recharges me but discharges my husband’s credit cards and later bank account.

My hairs are my biggest assets when my husband praises them and my daughter wants to touch them and says to me that mom I want the hairs like yours. I love your hairs.

A little bit of praise is all a women requires for recharging at the end of a hectic day and who doesn’t wants it. All the efforts I do for my family and on myself, really goes a long way in motivating myself to build a good confidence in me. Your personality is based on how you look and hairs does make a lot of difference. I want to continue taking care of them too as I take care of my daughter till the end of my life!

Thanks and keep on recharging your life – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!


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